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Ivonne Meisel VivaMK Veganfanatics

My name is Ivonne Meisel. I have partnered up with VivaMK Network from the first day the business launched in 2018. I was the first ever distributor for VivaMK Network and sell the VivaMK products across the UK via Mail order, Social Media and my Online webshop. However I am an experienced distributor in direct sales since 2010 and an appointed VivaMK Health Ambassador. I can give advice, ideas on how to use our health products and the benfits you can gain from these. 

I love the entire range of products including the VivaMK Health range, and the it's great to see that new products are being launched monthly.

Have a look at the VivaMK Health website and find out more and see some delicious recipes using our products. 


When you order from me, you can expect a fast delivery to your door. Great customer service and you will receive the tracking  number by email.

The fact, that we are offering Vegan and eco-friendly products  inspired me to create this webhop and the Website Vegan Fanatics. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram as "VeganEcoFanatics"

You can expect more product reviews and videos on this website too. The videos will show you, how the products really work.

Find out more, how you could become a partner of VivaMK and earn the extra income around family, work commitments or college. At VivaMKopportunity.com  you can find all relevant information about the opportunity. Or feel free to contact me directly.

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