Customer Reviews and videos

Seeing reviews of products and how they work is always important.

Who doesn't use Google and look up any items, before you buy it? I always do! 

On this page you can see product reviews by real people and videos. See the VivaMK products in action, whether it is a cleaning product, a personalised mug or the VivaMK Health products. You don't need to search for it any further on the internet, you can find it all here. 

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VivaMK Fridge Freezer De-Icer

How does the VivaMK Fridge Freezer D-Icer work, and do you use it?


I am using the products myself you can see on this VivaMK webshop and website, so I thought why not showing the product in a video demonstration so that anyone can see the usage and the result of the product. This was one of the very first product videos I have made, but showing the proof of the result I have gained with the VivaMK Fridge Freezer De-Icer.

We know it can be a pain when the freezer has got many or thick parts of ice in the freezer. It can be difficult then to open the drawer or shut them again. 

Another negative point is, when we have frozen parts of ice in the freezer it takes more energy and it can  be more cost effective. Frozen ice parts also uses space of your freezer, so there is less room for any frozen food, veg, ice cream etc.

I have uploaded a short video on YouTube, that demonstrates the power of the product, a quick and simple to use product which should be in any household

Vegn Fridge Freezer De-Icer Product Review
VivaMK Fridge Freezer De-Icer in Action
VivaMK Stain Away Remover Product Review

Stain Away

Use on a variety of surfaces, including Carpet, Fabric, Footwear, Vinyl, Concrete, Ceramics, Metal, Glass, Fibreglass, Stone, Melamine etc

On stains such as Pen, Juice, Red wine, Coffee, Makeup, Grease, Oil, Nicotine stains, Mud, Grass stains, Blood, Grime etc

This product will deliver results that will lead to repeat sales! 

Just look at the results of a red wine stain on a white T-Shirt.

This red wine stain was left to dry into the clothing for 2 hours. 

We then sprayed Stain Away directly onto the stain, worked it in with a cloth, left it to dwell for 10 minutes before placing the garment into the washing machine on an express 15-minute wash.  

The result, a crisp white t-shirt with no stains! 

This is just one tiny example of how this amazing product can be used.

VivaMK Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser Product Review

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser

"This is  my favourite products, because it is great at getting rid off greasy food messes. Also it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals, so I feeel confident using it liberally around my kitchen."


VivaMK Pure Pink Polish Product Review

Pure Pink Polish

"The previous owner of my house left old, tall and dull looking bookcases behind when she moved out. 

Pink Polish brought back their shine! I hate dusting, so I love the quick 'spray and buff' method. That's all you need with Pink Polish."


Velvet Nights Sleep Drink - Chocolate

"I’ve got a cold. I’m not ill at all but sneezing with a blocked up nose and a pocketful of tissues (not a good look!).

So I wasn’t looking forward to a broken night’s sleep of more of the same

However the trusty Velvet Nights stepped up to the rescue and gave me 7 (SEVEN!!!) hours of totally peaceful sleep without one sneeze or sniffle."


Banging Banoffee Protein Pancakes

The VivaMK Banging Banoffee are quick and simple to make.

I could smell the Banana Toffee flavour as soon as when I opened the pack. Just delicious.

To make them I only needed to add 1 scoop, the scoop comes with the pack, and 80ml of coconut milk. I understand you can use any preffered plantbased milk or water, but I love cococunt milk.

VivaMK Protein Pancakes Banging Banoffee Veganfanatics

I stirred the batter and let it thicken up for a minute. I then fried them, cooked 3 pancakes on both sides until golden brown. It didn't take long.

I had them for breakfast with some added banana and they kept me full until lunch time. I will definetly try the Cheeky Chocolate pancakes too. 


For further information on the Protein Pancakes please visit . All benefits and ingredients have been listed on the website.